NYC BASED PHOTOGRAPHER INSPIRED BY romance in the urban jungle


I specialize in freezing those super special moments that make your story totally unique. Whether it's the excitement of a surprise proposal, saying your vows, or just celebrating together, every photo is a reminder of the real feelings that make your journey so special.

My passion for photography comes from looking back at my family's history. When I went through my parents' wedding album, I wished for more glimpses into their special day—more frozen moments, emotions, and details to truly understand their love. Your unique love story deserves more than just photos; it calls for an extended gallery that narrates the complete and beautiful story of your special day. Every moment in between—the laughter, stolen glances, and subtle touches—will be carefully preserved during your celebration. By saving every little part, we make sure that generations to come can experience the entire beautiful story of your lasting love.

Hi there! I'm Yelena,
a photographer with a passion for telling love stories in the heart of New York City.

I'm all about documenting real moments—the unscripted heartbeats of your love story. In a city that never sleeps, where life's buzzing fills the streets, my camera freezes those genuine moments, creating a visual story that stands the test of time and echoes the raw beauty of your love. Each photograph is like a little celebration of the deep, unspoken feelings that make your union extraordinary.

As you go from engagement to the big day, I'm here to soak in all the love energy, making sure every image reflects the genuine moments that define your love story—a kind of visual diary of your unique melody. Welcome to a world where your love story sparkles, and every photograph tells the tale of your enduring connection.

Perfect memories don't rely on flawless poses, weather, outfits, or locations. My philosophy revolves around capturing the genuine essence of a moment, offering the ability to touch and hold onto the emotions they evoke. The goal is to make capturing your story a joyful experience, because this happiness will shine through in the photos we take together.

The Philosophy